Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm very excited for holidays to be here. I love just everything about it. I think people are happier and it's fun being with family and friends and reminiscing of times past. I want to show you some easy ideas to make your gatherings that much special. I love decorating...I think it's in my blood and there are some CHEAP TO CHIC ways you can make your holiday tables and rooms glisten.

<~~~~Here's one of my absolute favorite things to use as a centerpiece or just sit somewhere in your house. Buy a pumpkin (I bought one this year for $1.99), find a plastic cup or something that could sit inside the pumpkin, trace around the top of the cup, and fill the cup with floral foam. Carve out the pumpkin. Leave about 1/2" of floral foam sticking out from the top of the pumpkin then use any flower, leaf, stick, or whatever you want to place in the foam. It's beautiful! If you need any other tips let me know. I may have forgotten a step or too. ;-)

Here's another beautiful idea and how easy! ~~~~~~~~~~>
Just cut some floral foam and place it on a plate. (so the water won't get every where, you also don't want to see the plate underneath...so try to find a clear glass plate) You are going to make a "floral ball." In this picture they used carnations, but you can use ANY flower or leaf. (mums, roses, hydrangeas) If you wanted to you could leave the top 1/2 of the floral ball empty and place a votive on top. Just be sure you can't see any of the floral foam underneath.

<~~~~Last, but not least here's a very simple idea to make your guests feel special when they come to your house for the holidays or any special time. In this picture they used gum balls from a gum ball tree, but you could use pecans, hazelnuts, apples, pears, or just anything with a stem. I think one thing I always forget is that you don't have to always buy something. God has given us so many beautiful flowers that grow outside. I love the fall! The leaves fall off the trees. All you have to do is just go look!


Cindy said...

Love your tips, hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Kara said...

what a great idea...you are brilliant!!! miss ya! <3