Thursday, February 24, 2011

*Friday Faves*

One of my new found favorite things is the new ketchup they are giving out at Chic-fil-A! Have you seen it? I know this is so random, but I just have to get the message out about this new packaging of ketchup. It's 3 packets of ketchup in 1! Praise the Lord!!!! I can now eat all of my fries with one little container. I use a lot of ketchup people!!! When I ask for LOTS of ketchup I don't mean 3 packets. I have to have at least 2 for my hamburger or chicken sandwich and at least 3 for my fries. When I go through a drive through now, I now specify how many packets of ketchup I want because, people are greedy with those ketchup packets. I mean, they will hand you 100 napkins, but....Heinz Dip & Squeeze

{Tuesday ♥ Shoesday}

I know today isn't Tuesday, but let's just all pretend. Let's talk about shoes! I love shoes!!! I have too many, but you know some shoes don't go with any old outfit...take a wedding dress for CAN'T wear your old running tennis shoes with you gorgeous dress. I know nowadays you can where almost anything in your wedding, but for all of us girls who want to look like Cinderella on our wedding day it's going to take a special shoe.
Here's my Tuesday Shoe of the week: