Thursday, March 17, 2011

{Tuesday♥ Shoesday}

I know it's not Tuesday and I'm running behind on my posts. Sorry friends! I do have 2 shoes for you shoes. I've been thinking a lot about my health and how important it is to exercise. Yes, I said it....exercise. I HATE exercising with a passion. This week I had the dreaded doctors appointment...a physical. Actually, it wasn't all the bad and I passed with flying colors. Praise the Lord! It amazes me how healthy I have been my whole life. I've never broken a bone, worn braces, or had any other kind of scary disease/infection. I've only had the normal things: wisdom teeth pulled, tubes in ears, colds, flu. I am very blessed. The Lord has been extremely merciful and gracious to me in more ways than one.

Back to the "exercising idea/being healthy"...I do have some cute shoes to wear while I'm exercising. They are Nike tennis shoes and they are green. My favorite color. I love to accessorize! So I think, if you are going to start working out, not only do you need comfortable shoes, they need to be cute. Here's my shoes for the week! They both are just so inspiring and so girly. :) I know there are LOTS of other cute tennis shoes available, but I'll save them for another rainy day.

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Kellie said...

If you're gonna exercise you might as well look cute right!!!!