Monday, January 24, 2011


Like I've said from the beginning, I'm totally new to blog land, but I've just learned recently about free giveaways which makes me excited! I hope to have my own give away sometime in the future so keep posted. I have lots of new ideas floating around in my head and can't wait to share.

Wanted to inform my followers (...ahem...wish I had more than 9, but that's okay, maybe I will someday) of a free giveaway over at Paint Me a Picture. I am really into headbands right now and material flowers and this is the EXACT combo of what Lindsey is giving away! My sisters and I have actually thought about making headbands like this ourselves over Christmas, but just never got around to it since we were so intrigued by our new found love of crocheting. ~Maybe someday~ I have so many things I want to make, but working 40 hours a week, along with needing to clean my apartment always take first priority!

Happy Monday to you!

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